Most Viewed Kpop Videos on Youtube Until May 2011

1.Wonder Girls – Nobody (50juta)
2.SNSD – Gee (42juta)
3.SNSD – Oh (35juta)
4.Big Bang and 2NE1 – Lollipop (26juta)
5.Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (24juta)
6.SNSD – RDR (23juta)
7.SHINee – Rind Ding Dong (22juta)
8.2NE1 – Fire (20juta)
9.Super Junior – Bonamana (19juta)
10.G Dragon – Heartbreaker (19juta)
11.SHINee – Lucifer (18juta)
12.Big Bang – Haru Haru (17juta)
13.2NE1 – I Don’t Care (16juta)
14.SNSD – Hoot (12juta)
15.Super Junior – No Other (11juta)
16.2NE1 – Go Away (11juta)
17.2NE1 – Can’t Nobody (11juta)
18.SHINee – Hello (11juta)
19.2PM and SNSD – Cabi Song (9.7juta)
20.Super Junior – It’s You (9.5juta)


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