SungMin’s 6th debut anniversary and musical support Project

Ini adalah pesan dari LEESUNGMIN.COM
Khusus buat para fans SUNGMIN. Bakal ada kegiatan untuk perayaan 6tahun debut sungmin dan dukung kegiatan musikalnya, untuk keterangan lebih lengkap silahkan visit LEESUNGMIN.COM

Hi;) We’re Snowdrop.

This year, SungMin’s musical schedules are actually quite near to his 6th debut anniversary. We decide to gather SungMin’s fans all over the world to prepare the support for him.

We will carry out this support with fans all over the world.
(On 24/06,we have fansites from Thailand(For2morrow sungmin),Japan, China(Baidu SungMin bar, and other countries contacted us.)

For this support, since we’re actually carrying it out with fans from other countries, we’ll update and show you all the details, for example how we use the money, to our support site.
(We’ll update the link of the support site soon.)

Please feel free to participate in money collecting. We accept and appreciate every love and support to SungMin from you.


The 6th debut support include 1.Rice flower basket for Musical 2.Food for Musical actors 3.Presents for SungMin. If there’s money left, we’ll donate it to the place where SungMin usually did donation there.
(+We will help fansite, or a fan to pass presents to SungMin;) We’ll send all of them together, but the sender/fansite will be mentioned in a list.)

This is a really meaningful and good chance for every SungMin’s fans to gather up and show our support together. We hope everyone can participate;)

*We receive present that you wish to pass to him;3 for more information please send your mail to

** Those who wish to participate can kindly contact us at

For overseas fans who wants to send us the money, please send it through paypal, to this account


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