[Support] For2morrow Support ‘LeeSungmin’ for Jack the Ripper Musical and 6th debut anniversary

Hello everyone

This time we suppose to support ‘Leesungmin’ for ‘Jack the Ripper musical’
Actually, For2morrow is a new sungmin fan site what we don’t have too much amount to expense this event.
So we need help to donate with us going this project.

This Support project separates in detail below;
1. Support Project with Snowdrop
For2morrow agree with Snowdrop Support Project for Jack the Ripper.
There’s we would like to join with them then we need to send money to Snowdrop.
Snowdrop require amount to support 500000 korean won (500USD) per website.
That amount will be a food and gift for supporting Jack the Ripper.
The rest will be kept to send some gift to Sungmin as 6th debut Anniversary
and donate to place where SungMin parents used to donate something there.

2. Rice Basket Support Project
Normally, on the press conference day (110705) and the first show of Lee Sungmin,
We’ll send rice basket to encourage Lee Sungmin as well.
we plan to send on 110705 in the name of for2morrow ourselves.
The expense is about 4000-6000 baht (100-150 USD) depend on quantity of rice.

Then for2morrow would like give some gift to everyone who donate for our support.
It’s a special gift that we’ve made for this support only, can divide into 3 categories:
1. Postcard of Lee Sungmin by For2morrow (Random) for all donators.
2. a Set photo postcards of Lee Sungmin (7 cards) for donators who donate more than 10USD but less than 20USD.
3. For the donators who donate more than 20USD, For2morrow have prepared a special gift that we hope you feel satisfied. ((secret ^^))

Period of donation.
Today – 31 July
* All gifts will be delivered in mid-August.

Details of donation for our support,
For2morrow Support ‘LeeSungmin’ for Jack the Ripper Musical and 6th debut anniversary,

SCB Bank
Swift Code is : –
Siam Paragon Branch
Account Name : Darika Sangsirichay
Account Number : 218-227100-8
Western Union Counter (email to for.2morrow@hotmail.com for more detail)
** If you paypal by Western Union you send MTCN Code and Slip to me **

After you transfer money please send confirm transfer money e-mail to for.2morrow@hotmail.com
by using subject as “For2morrow Support ‘LeeSungmin'” and attach bill or slip to us.

with Complete details;
Name – Surname:.
User names in For2morrow:
Total Amount:
The time of transfer:
Address (for delivery you a gift):

For2morrow hope we can finish this support completely. Thanks for your love and your kindness. For2morrow. *

If you have some doubt, send Direct Message to For2manager or mention us on twitter @ for2morrow ^ ^.


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